Powe Heroes: The Beast!

Now in their tenth year, The Beast is an innovative and electrifying hip hop and jazz ensemble, known for pushing creative boundaries and dynamic collaborations. Not only are there two Powe alumni in the band, Steve is now a Powe parent and Pierce is a Powe uncle!

Check out their recent submission to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts below, and come groove with them on Sunday February 10 at Motoroco!

Ms. Laughinghouse’s Secret Identity

Fun fact: Beloved Powe teacher Ms. Middleton has an alter ego and even more talent than you might already know of – so get ready to hear her sing and play! Nancy Middleton – a.k.a. Ms. Laughinghouse – is one of North Carolina’s iconic songwriters and we are lucky to have her here in Durham and as part of our school community.

Nancy first gained national recognition with her album “The Way I Do.” After making music in Nashville for a number of years, she returned home to NC to continue to play her sweet and soulful rock songs and create a fun-filled learning environment for so many of our families. We know her performance will have us all rocking!

Poetic Justice: A Teacher Shares the Power of Poetry

Latisha Johnson

The Poetry Fox isn’t the only talented poet that will be joining us at Motorco Madness.

Anyone who has met Powe kindergarten teacher Latisha Johnson knows that her energy and talents are infectious. Her story of how she started writing poetry and how it has impacted her life positively is powerful:

“I started writing poetry in 1993. My 10th grade English teacher assigned us several poetry projects throughout the year. I loved doing all of the projects but it wasn’t until the end of the year that I discovered that poetry could really be a helpful tool throughout my life. She asked us to focus on an age where something significant happened in our lives, whether it was good or bad. I chose 13, the age I was when my father was killed. As I worked through the tears and completed the project, I knew that I had found a love that would stay with me for the rest of my life.

Poetry became an outlet that helped me process my emotions in a positive way. It helped me throughout high school, college, and still continues to help me in my adult life. Only recently have I built up the courage to share my poetry.  I’m thankful for this opportunity to share this gift with others and especially with my Powe family and friends. I was so excited that I wrote a new poem just for this event! Can’t wait to let my light shine through rhythm and rhyme!”